Coconuts are distributed from Indonesia to the Pacific Islands, Asia and the Southeast. Most are located in Africa, Latin America, Asia and equatorial coastal regions. The main producing areas of coconut are Sri Lanka, Malaysia, India and the Philippines. They are loved by people all over the world.

As one of the favorite drinks in different countries, coconut water has many functions. Come and learn about it.

1. Supplementary nutrition.

It contains vitamins, glucose, various minerals, etc. After drinking it, people can absorb a variety of nutrients that are beneficial to the human body. Usually people drink coconut milk, which can supplement nutrition, promote body metabolism, and also enhance people's physical fitness.

2. Kill parasites.

Coconut meat and coconut water, both of which have the effect of killing intestinal parasites. Some parasites can be killed by eating some coconut meat or drinking some coconut water.

3. Significant economic value.

The immature endosperm ("pulp") can be eaten as a tropical fruit; coconut water is a delicious drink; the ripe coconut flesh is 70% fat, used for oil extraction, and processed into a variety of sweets and pastries.

Coconut oil is the most important economic product of the coconut tree.

4. Beauty.

Coconut milk contains vitamin E and vitamin C, both of which are natural beauty ingredients that can delay skin aging. Some ingredients in coconut water can promote the metabolism and regeneration of skin cells, and can also lighten pigmentation and whiten the skin.

Drinking coconut water regularly can have an excellent cosmetic effect and can make people's skin better and better.

5. Beautify the environment.

The coconut tree has a beautiful shape and is an excellent tree species for greening and beautifying the environment in tropical regions.

How to make a cup of coconut milk without additives?

Raw materials: coconut meat, milk, purified water, sugar.

Production Method:

1. Two cups of coconut water. Cut the coconut open, the green coconut is tender and easy to remove.

2. Cut the pulp into small pieces.

3. Put the coconut meat, coconut water and milk into the juicer to extract the juice and filter twice.

4. Finally, add the appropriate sugar according to your own situation.

This is how a cup of coconut milk is ready.

Coconut has many functions, and interested friends can try it by themselves.