Why did you fall in love with basketball? As a basketball lover, how do you express this emotion? Basketball needs to be delivered.

It stands for solidarity and collaboration.

Basketball was invented by American James Naismith in 1891. It has also become a favorite sport around the world.

What hardware equipment does basketball need?

Venue requirements:

A standard basketball court should be a rectangle of 28m×15m.

The field is measured from the inner edge of the boundary line, each area, line and circle within the field is measured from the outer edge of the boundary line, and the line width of each line on the field is 5 cm.

There are two 2m long lines in the team bench area, the color of which should be very different from the color of the side and end lines.

Basketball Hoop:

The basketball hoop column should be at least 1m away from the outer edge of the end line. The width of the backboard is 1.80m, the height is 1.05m, and the bottom edge is 2.90m above the ground (the original backboard of 1.80m×1.20m can still be used). The bottom, edges and pillars of the backboard should be properly wrapped.

The upper edge of the basket is 3.05m above the ground, and the diameter of the ring strip is 1.7~2cm.

What about the number of fouls?

In the NBA, a player has 6 fouls or 2 technical fouls before being sent off; in international games, a player can only commit 5 fouls, and the number of technical fouls will also be counted.

Playing basketball is a very labor-intensive thing, but playing basketball regularly has many benefits for the body!

Enhance heart function.

When playing basketball, muscle activity is tense, heart work increases, myocardial blood supply and metabolism are strengthened, myocardial fibers become thicker, heart wall thickens, heart volume increases, and pulsation becomes favorable, thereby effectively preventing cardiovascular disease.

Improve digestive system function.

When playing basketball, we must mobilize and exert the functions of various organ systems of the body to the greatest extent, such as nerve regulation, enhanced breathing, and accelerated blood circulation.

Over time, physical fitness will naturally continue to improve.

Expel body waste.

Playing basketball requires a full body workout. When the body temperature rises, a lot of sweat is produced.

Through perspiration, the temperature balance in the body can be adjusted, while a large amount of waste is excreted.

Basketball is ultimately about throwing into the basket, and it represents a kind of goal.