Shark Bay is a World Heritage Site located at the westernmost point of Australia, about 800 kilometers north of Perth. It is sunny and a popular tourist destination for swimming, beach walks and relaxation.

From rugged seaside cliffs to quiet lagoons and beaches of sand and shells. Shark Bay has its own unique beauty. The bays, waterports and islets of the Shark Bay region support a vast world of aquatic life, with turtles, whales, prawns, scallops, sea snakes, fish and sharks all common in this area. At the same time, in some areas coral reefs, sponges and other invertebrates, as well as tropical and subtropical fish, form a unique ecosystem. A wide variety of burrowing mollusks, hermit crabs and other invertebrates live on the wide, flat beaches.

The wide coral bush is another beauty to watch underwater. The diameter of the coral reef block is about 500 meters, and it is full of abundant marine life. Countless colorful corals compete to catch people's eyes. Blue, purple, green, brown, etc., are really beautiful. The light purple sponges that live in the sea in this area are also very famous. There is also a beautiful growing colony of blue stone pine corals, like a large garden. In addition, head corals and flat corals can be seen everywhere.

Shell Beach is a beach in Shark Bay. It is one of the two largest beaches in the world formed entirely by shells. Shell Beach is piled up like a mountain, spreading for a full 110 kilometers, formed by billions of shells, and is known as the most luxurious beach in the world. This snow-white beach was formed after more than 4,000 years of accumulation. From a distance, the Australian coast looks like it is covered with white snowflakes. At present, Shell Beach has been listed as a part of Shark Bay. World Natural Heritage, in order to better protect this magical white.

Shark Bay World Heritage Site, there are a variety of journeys for visitors to choose from. Catamaran tours, 4WD tours, luxury boat tours, private charter tours and personalized self-guided tours. Inside are Flax Perrin National Park, Shell Beach, Stacked Rock, Steep Point. The ocean adventure boats at the Shark Bay Charter Center are comfortable for fishing, diving or just excursions. Sunset, night adventures and underwater snorkeling, fishing or diving. The boat can also see the underwater view through the window, which is a great place to visit.