The bear has a small head and a fat body. There are four sturdy feet under the four sturdy legs, and claws like steel hooks grow on the palms. A small tail, sandwiched between two fat thighs.

The fur on his body is all black, and it looks like a big black ball from a distance.

Bears are generally gentle, but when threatened or in danger, they are prone to anger and fight fiercely.

Its habits.

Living environment.

Bears are found in the northern hemisphere. In the southern hemisphere, it cannot be found anywhere but northern South America.

Bear hibernation caves are generally chosen in sunny sheltered hillsides or in dead tree holes. Bears have no fixed habitat except during hibernation.


Bears living in cold boreal regions hibernate, whereas black bears in subtropical and tropical regions tend not to hibernate.

Bears can hibernate for 4 to 5 months and will wake up immediately if disturbed during hibernation.


Most bears eat a mixed diet, not only eating grass, twigs, moss, berries, and nuts, but also catching frogs, crabs, and fish in streams, and even attacking fawns, sheep, or foraging for Carrion.

But polar bears are special, mainly eating fish and seals.

Smell, Hearing, Vision.

Bears are not very sensitive to sight and hearing, but have a very developed sense of smell.

Attack tool.

Their teeth are used for defense and tools. Their claws can be used to tear, dig and catch prey.


Bears are usually gentle, don't attack people and animals, and are willing to avoid conflict, but they can also become very dangerous and scary when they feel they must protect themselves or their cubs, food or territory.


Female bears usually give birth to 1 to 4 cubs a year.

Types of bears in the world.

Brown bear.

Brown bears include Alaskan brown bears, European and Asian brown bears, and grizzly bears in western North America. The Alaskan brown bear can weigh up to 780 kilograms and is the largest terrestrial carnivore in the world.

Eurasian brown bears are found in continental Europe and Asia north of the Himalayas. They are common animals in fairy tales.

Polar bear.

One of the largest terrestrial carnivores in the world, also known as the white bear. Its skin is black. Due to the transparency of the hair, the appearance is usually white, but colors such as yellow are also available. It's huge and ferocious.

American black bear.

The American black bear is the smallest bear in North America. It is widely distributed in North America and is the most numerous bear in existence.

Spectacled bear.

Also known as the Andean bear, it is a bear species endemic to South America and the only bear in South America. There is a pair of glasses-shaped circles around the eyes, so they are called spectacled bears.

Different bears have different living habits.