As a delicious and filling snack, bread is loved by many young people. The soft texture allows the deliciousness of the bread to bloom in the mouth, whether it is for breakfast or for addingsnacks during class are all good choices.

Bread can be eaten directly with jam. There are many jams or other bread sauces in the supermarket. You can choose your favorite. Also, sliced ​​bread is great for sandwiches, two slices of bread with fried eggs, lettuce, bacon, and a squeeze of salad dressing are perfect.

After the sliced ​​bread is taken out of the refrigerator, you can bake it in a bread machine or oven first, so that the surface of the bread will be a little crispy and taste more delicious. There are many common types of bread, how much do you know?

1. White Bread

White Bread is the most common type of white bread. Generally, white bread is made of flour milled from wheat grains after removing the bran and the nutrient-rich colored part of the skin. White bread made from wheat is relatively softer and sweeter.

2. Whole Wheat Bread

Whole Wheat Bread is the kind of brownish bread on the supermarket shelf. Whole-wheat bread is made of whole-wheat flour without removing the outer bran and wheat germ. It tastes harder than white bread, but it also contains more fiber and nutrients, so it is widely respected in weight loss circles.

3. Rye Bread

Rye Bread is a bread made primarily from rye and flour, which is generally darker than white bread made from wheat and also contains more dietary fiber. The 100% pure rye bread is also called black bread.

4. Bagels

Bagels are made from fermented dough, formed into rings that have been boiled in boiling water before being placed in the oven, resulting in a chewy interior and a deep, crunchy crust.

Bagels have many flavors on the outer layer, like onion, cinnamon, black sesame, and more. Bagels were originally just a round loaf of bread, but were made into a hollow shape in the middle for easy portability.

If you eat it, you usually cut it from the middle layer, spread Cream Cheese or various jams, peanut butter, etc. in the middle, or you can eat it with ingredients like a sandwich.

5. Sourdough Bread

Sourdough Bread is made by fermentation using naturally occurring Lactobacillus and yeast. Sourdough Bread has a sour taste due to the lactic acid produced by lactobacillus and is more inherently fresh than other breads.

In addition to the rich variety of bread, there are also a variety of ways to eat it, which can make us happy to eat. The most important thing is that it is very simple and convenient to make. It is a good choice for breakfast and afternoon tea.

1. Burnt Cloud toast


2 slices of toast

2 eggs

10g icing sugar

· Separate egg whites and yolks and put them in two bowls, be careful not to break the yolks.

· Pour the egg whites into the eggbeater, sprinkle with icing sugar, and beat with an electric egg beater to form a stiff foam. You can pull out the small tip, but do not overbeat.

· Cover the baking pan with silicone oil paper, place the toast, and dig the beaten egg whites onto the surface of the toast. Be careful not to smear, but to create a three-dimensional effect of clouds.

· Make a hole in the middle of the egg whites and put the yolks in.

· Preheat the oven, put the baking tray in the middle shelf of the oven, bake at 150℃ up and down, and bake for 10-12 minutes.

· The beautiful and delicious fire cloud toast is finished! The egg yolk is soft, so be careful not to burn your mouth when you eat it.

If you like to eat salty, you can also replace the icing with salt, the salty fire clouds are as delicious. When digging holes in the middle of the egg whites, do not dig too deep, otherwise the egg yolks put in will easily sink and affect the appearance.

2. Toast Fruit Sandwich


4 slices of toast

1 red heart dragon fruit

1 kiwi

1 yellow peach

· Prepare the desired fruits, use whatever fruits you like. If the colors are brighter, it will be more beautiful.

· Four slices of toast are ready for use.Stack the toasts together and remove the four sides, or you can directly prepare the boundless toast.

· Wash the fruit and cut it into thin slices for later use.

· Place one layer of toast on top of one kind of fruit, and then stack another layer of toast. After all of them are placed, they are compacted and cut diagonally. The beautiful fruit toast sandwich is ready.

· You can use any kind of fruit jam as long as the fruit in the middle is soft berries. If you can't fix it with only the fruit, you can stick it with a toothpick to help fix it, or you can apply an appropriate amount of cream or jam, which will help bond and taste better.