Learning is to recharge one's life. People should take learning as a habit and an integral part of life, which will increase our knowledge and make us more intelligent. To improve the efficiency of learning, there are some necessary supplies when learning.

The first thing to mention is the backpack for school supplies. The backpack will evenly load the weight to the shoulders, so that the body is in a state of balance, which is good for the development of the spine and scapula. Unlike a single shoulder bag, a cross-body bag will put pressure on one side of the shoulder, resulting in uneven pressure on the left and right shoulders and easy fatigue. In addition, books are heavier, and in the long run, it will lead to shoulder, spinal strain, and even scoliosis.

Secondly, if you are short-sighted, you need a pair of suitable glasses. Glasses must go to a professional hospital or optical shop, optometrist will be combined with eye needs, the corresponding prescription prescription. For children and adolescents or people who are wearing glasses for the first time, it is recommended to optometry after mydriasis, so that after cycloplegia, an accurate actual diopter will be obtained. If the prescription is high for the first time, the audition frame is difficult to adapt to. You can reduce the prescription according to the situation. There is a transition period, and you can check it again in half a year or a year.

Third, the notebook is an indispensable tool when we study. To make good use of these notebooks, you can learn from some useful methods, such as the Cornell note-taking method. When taking notes, record key words or questions in the narrower column at the left end as a hint to help grasp the big picture. In the wider column on the right, record the content corresponding to the keyword or question, and try to be as concise and clear as possible. The blank at the bottom should be completed within 24 hours after the end of one day's study. It is mainly used to summarize according to the content of the notes to help memory and understanding.

Fourth, when studying, the mobile phone is actually a big interference, so it will be more efficient to put the mobile phone away when studying. At this time, only a learning timer with a timing function can reduce the distraction and remind you of the time. In addition, the study timer can also let you know the total length of study, helping you to review today's study efficiency.