Nowadays, as a necessary part of the bathroom, the wash area has a higher pursuit, whether it is function or appearance. The wash area should not only meet the basic needs of washing your face and brush your teeth, but also look neat and beautiful.

In addition, the washbasin should also add a certain storage function, increase muscle visual space, and make it more convenient to use. Then, a washbasin that is both beautiful and practical needs to be more careful in design.

Wall-mounted washbasins have a higher appearance and a sense of lightness. Its bottom is suspended, there is no sanitary dead corner, it is very convenient to clean, and it is less bulky and looks very fashionable and beautiful. The wall-mounted washbasin perfectly conceals the drain pipe within the wall, so that the water pipe does not directly touch the ground and affects the visual appearance.

In modern bathroom design, the floor-standing vanity is also popular with many people. However, its bottom is not purely close to the ground, and it does not look as sturdy and bulky as usual. It is basically designed to be left blank, supported by the shape of thin feet, and it is also very convenient to install. Of course, if you do not do a good job in the design of wet and dry clutches, it may cause water stains to penetrate, which will shorten the service life of the washbasin over time.

In the choice of color matching in the bathroom, we should also pay attention to simplicity and generosity. A good-looking color scheme can double the design of the bathroom, enhance the aesthetics of the space, and improve the quality of life at the same time. As a versatile color, white washbasins are suitable for various styles of bathrooms. Pure white looks very comfortable, then with a white wall, the overall effect is coordinated and beautiful. The brick-red wall, marble and white combination has a classical beauty. Washing here can give you a good mood for the day.