Cats are afraid of water, and most cats don't like bathing very much. Therefore, be sure to let your cat develop a good habit of bathing from an early age. Share some tips, I hope it can help you!

When should cats not be bathed?

Cats cannot be washed the first time they are brought home.

The cat has just arrived home and has not yet adapted to its new environment. At this time, the cat cannot be bathed, and the cat is prone to stress.

Cats should not be washed after being vaccinated.

After the cat is vaccinated, the immunity of the cat will be reduced in the short term, so it is not allowed to take a bath at this time.

Too small to wash.

Many people bathe newborn kittens, which is not good, because kittens are too fragile when they are born, and the method of bathing is wrong, and they are easy to die.

Cats cannot bathe when they are sick.

Cats cannot bathe when they are sick because they are less resistant to disease and are more likely to develop more disease.

Write down the steps for bathing your cat.

1. Interact with cats.

Because cats are afraid of water, interact with cats before bathing them. Let the cat relax so it's not so frightened.

2. Slowly comb the cat's fur.

Before bathing, be sure to comb the cat's hair, so that the cat is not easy to tangle when bathing, and at the same time, it can also clean up the cat's excess hair.

3. Wet the cat's body.

Wet the cat's body with a little water first to reduce the cat's fear. The water temperature should not be too high or too low, about 38 degrees is a more suitable water temperature.

4. Wipe your body with body wash.

It must be a cat-specific body wash, and try to avoid water or body wash getting into the eyes and ears.

5. Scrub slowly.

Be sure to scrub and clean all parts of the cat slowly, especially the cat's butt, which is also the most dirty place for the cat, so the owner must be careful when bathing the cat.

6. Finally blow dry the hair.

If you don't dry your cat's fur, your cat can easily get sick.

Do not bathe your cat too often, as frequent bathing can easily lead to dry and dull cat hair. It is also easy to get sick.

Shorthair cats should be washed every 3-4 months, as cats usually lick their fur to cleanse their bodies. Long-haired cats have long hair, so they can be washed every 2-3 months.

It is necessary to clean the body of the cat!