Lily is a world-renowned flower. How much do you know about lilies?

Lily is a world-renowned flower. With the progress of the times, European and American horticultural experts create new varieties through cross-breeding. From wild to artificial cultivation has a long history. Mainly distributed in eastern Asia, Europe, North America and other temperate regions of the northern hemisphere, at least 120 species have been found in the world. Bulbs are rich in starch, edible and also used for medicinal purposes.

1. Narcissus Lily

The flower shape of narcissus lily is similar to daffodils. The petals are large and bright in color. Common pale pink, red, dark pink, etc., there are no spots on the petals, and the ornamental value of the flowering period is very high. If you want it to bloom as scheduled, it is best to provide a warm, humid, and light-enough growth environment. Topdressing is required before flowering to ensure sufficient nutrients.

2. Musk Lily

Musk Lily,also known as iron cannon lily, originated in Taiwan. Its flower color is white, the flowers open horizontally, and the flower fragrance is relatively strong. When it blooms, it gives people a pure and elegant feeling, which means a hundred years of harmony.

3. Wooden door lily

Wooden door lily is a new variety obtained by crossing the trumpet lily and the oriental lily. It has strong adaptability and is easy to cultivate. Its leaves are robust and dark green. The flowers are golden yellow and have high ornamental value. It likes a warm and humid environment, has a certain drought tolerance, is afraid of waterlogging and does not have strict soil requirements.

4. Perfume Lily

The origin of perfume lily is in the Himalayas, Australia and other places. It is also called lily in the sky and Casablanca. It belongs to the queen of lilies.

In addition to the four lilies described above, there are many other varieties. So among these lilies, which flower lovers like the most?