Ornamental plants can be planted anywhere, as desired. Either in a house with a pot, or directly in the ground. If you are an ornamental plant lover who is crazy about the color pink, there's nothing wrong with choosing a plant with your favorite color pattern. There are various types of popular ornamental plants that have a pretty pink color.

Kinds of Pink Flowers for Ornamental Plants:

• Petunias

Petunia pink flowers, can be the right recommendation to decorate your home page. Petunia flower ornamental plants produce a charming pink color. This flower can be placed in a pot by hanging near the yard or on the terrace of the house. Of course it will attract attention. Not only attractive, petunias are also easy to care for. Just water this houseplant regularly, and place it in a location with sufficient sunlight.

• Tread Dara

Tread dara is an ornamental plant with beautiful pink flowers. The color of the flowers also varies, depending on the type. It can be pink, white, purple, or red. The tread dara plant is also known as the Madagascar periwinkle. As the name implies, tread dara is a plant from the tropical island of Madagascar.

• Azaleas

Azalea ornamental plants produce very beautiful flowers. A light pink color appears throughout the flower, with some of its surface. In addition to pink flowers, there are also those that produce purple, white, yellow, to orange colors.

This azalea has dark green leaves and ornamental plants including woody shrubs. This flower ornamental plant mostly likes a lot of sunlight, but it also depends on the type.

• Cosmos

Cosmos is one of the wild plants that are often seen on the side of the road. Even so, it looks no less beautiful than other pink flowers. Cosmos flowers are small and grow on stems and leaves that form a bush. If planted side by side, cosmos flowers can grow in a row and decorate the house like adorable pink balls. In addition to pink, cosmos flowers also have other colors such as yellow, white, orange, and purple.

• Foxglove

Foxglove flower ornamental plants look like mini trumpets. It's a slightly purplish pink, Mother. This ornamental plant is so beautiful with flowers that grow in clusters. In one plant, there can be more than ten flowers that bloom at once.

Although beautiful, you have to be careful with foxglove flower ornamental plants. Because, this ornamental plant contains dangerous toxins. Keep it away from your little one and pets at home.

• Evening Primrose

This flower is pink with darker colored fibers. In the middle there is a bright yellow and white part. The characteristics of this flower are unique. During the day the flowers will bud, then will bloom at sunset.

For maintenance it is quite easy. Place this houseplant in an area that gets full sun, and can be planted in dry to moist soil.