Aveiro is a charming town surrounded by lagoons, with two canals running through it and their tributaries cutting many long and thin waterways.

The waterways are lined with small painted boats and arched bridges, creating a picturesque water scenery that has earned Aveiro the nickname "Portugal's Little Venice."

Walking along the beautiful canals, one can admire the elegant houses on both sides of the canal, with detailed patterns of colorful tiles on their walls. The sunlight fondly shines on the light blue water, flowing and jumping on the surface of the water with a fine bright light. Time in the town always seems more leisurely, and strolling along the river will soothe your soul.

In the canals of Aveiro, it is common to see a beautifully painted boat with a special name - the moliceiro. Each moliceiro boat, about 10-15 meters long with an elegantly curved bow, has a unique painting chosen by its owner.

When the slender figures are propped up by the boatman, the boats slowly swing through the blue waterway and the curved arch bridge, resembling elegant swans scratching out the quiet water, languishing in the light and shadow of dreams.

The colorful moliceiro boat is actually a seaweed harvesting boat, sailing on the lagoon marsh near Aveiro. The boatmen stand on the boat and use a fork and rake to scrape down the seaweed sunken at the bottom of the lagoon of Aveiro and bring it back to the shore to dry and sell it to farmers as fertilizer.

Thus, in Aveiro, the moliceiro was a working boat with a commercial purpose. However, the number of seaweed harvesting boats is declining rapidly because traditional seaweed fertilizer has been gradually replaced by mass-produced artificial fertilizer.

About 7 kilometers from Aveiro, there is a small village facing the lagoon - Costa Nova, where you can find fine white sandy beaches, beautiful parks, and fun services such as yachting or parachuting.

Near Costa Nova beach, there is a row of colorful striped houses like rotating candies, painted in red, blue, and yellow. The bright colors add to the lively atmosphere of the beach. These striped houses are quiet and look like gorgeous villas, even though they are more than 100 years old.

But there is more to Aveiro than just its charming canals and colorful houses. There are other monuments to explore:

1. Republic Square

It is the nerve center of Aveiro's historical center. This large urban space boasts a magnificent floor, and you can see the Town Hall building which people will talk about shortly. In this square, you will also find the statue of the Portuguese politician Jose Estevao, who was born in the city.

2. Vista Alegre Museum

Vista Alegre porcelain has been in production since 1824 and is one of the most famous products in the world, with clients including the Queen of England. Very close to Aveiro, you can visit some of the best pieces at this museum.

3. Jardim do Rossio

Located on the edge of the Aveiro estuary, this is the ideal park to relax after a visit to the city. In it, you can observe a wide range of important plant species and magnificent views.