How to make a strawberry milkshake

Main ingredients

24 strawberries

1 box of milk

1 small box of strawberry ice cream



a moderate amount of lemon juice

A little light saltwater

a moderate amount of sweet and sour taste

Strawberry milkshake steps

1. The main ingredients are ready.

2. Soak the strawberries in clean water for 15 minutes, then put them in lightly salted water for 5 minutes.

3. Take a large strawberry, remove the tip, cut four thin slices from the middle to the sides, and cut the remaining part from the middle.

4. With the aid of a wooden spoon, stick the strawberry slices on the inside of the glass.

5. For the rest of the strawberries, cut off all the roots and cut four slices.

6. Place the strawberries. Strawberry ice cream. Milk. A small amount of lemon juice (antioxidant) together into the blender.

7. Beat until smooth.

8. Then pour into a glass, squeeze a dollop of cream, garnish with some strawberries, insert a straw, and you are done.


1. A little lemon juice does not affect the taste, mainly antioxidant.

2. If you do not want to use strawberries, you can replace them with other favorite fruits.

Milkshake in dessert has always been popular among women and children, the food will be sold in dessert stores or milk tea stores, for women, their body is more important, do not dare to use too much calorie food, or it will lead to body fat.

Because the taste and flavor of a milkshake are very ideal, women can not even control their appetite, then the calorie of milkshakes is high.

The calorie source of milkshakes is mainly milk and ice cream.

If you are making your own milkshake at home and are worried about the calorie problem, you can choose to skim milk and less calorie ice cream ingredients, and then add fresh veggies and fruits, so that the milkshake made is an almost little calorie.

However, many people often go to various fast food restaurants to buy shakes for convenience and speed, and some studies have shown that the calories in shake drinks sold in fast food restaurants are quite alarming.

Therefore, long-term consumption of milkshakes can easily lead to a variety of health problems.

One milkshake contains 2,000 calories, which is equivalent to the number of calories contained in 25 slices of fat.

For the average person, maintaining a daily fat intake of 20g is in line with health standards. However, one shake sold in a fast food restaurant is three times the regular daily intake of calories.

So what is the nutritional value of milkshakes?

1. Low-calorie intake and increased fat consumption

The calorie content of a milkshake is less than 200 calories, which is only one-fifth of an ordinary meal. Replacing 1-2 regular meals with milkshakes every day can effectively reduce calorie intake by 500-1000 calories.

2. Low glycemic index, improved metabolic status

The shakes are made from selected ingredients with a low glycemic index, which can maintain stable blood sugar for a long time, and will not cause a large amount of insulin secretion due to the rapid rise of blood sugar after meals, which can not only avoid the accumulation of fat after meals

But also avoid the hunger caused by lower blood sugar, thus avoiding excessive calorie intake caused by overeating.

3. Balanced nutrition to help the liver break down fat

The comprehensive and balanced nutrients in the shake can not only ensure the body's needs, increase the basal metabolic rate and form a lean body, but also promote the synthesis of oxidative enzymes in the liver to help the liver break down fat.