Cat litter is usually made of natural minerals, wood shavings, corn starch, and other materials, and the common types are lumpy cat litter, ordinary cat litter, crystal cat litter, and so on.

Lumpy cat litter is a more common type of cat litter, which is made of mineral materials such as clay and can quickly absorb cat urine and form solid clumps that are easy to clean.

Ordinary cat litter is made of natural materials such as wood shavings and cellulose, which is not easy to clump, but also has better adsorption properties and can effectively absorb odors and humidity.

Crystal cat litter is made of materials such as silica gel, which can quickly absorb large amounts of urine and odors and is easy to clean, but is more expensive.

When choosing cat litter, you need to consider your cat's preferences and usage habits, as well as pay attention to the litter's adsorption properties, durability, ease of cleaning, and other factors.

In addition, to maintain the hygiene of the cat litter, it is necessary to change the litter regularly and clean the cat litter at the right time.

When selecting cat litter, the following points need to be noted.

1. Cat preferences: Different cats have different preferences, some cats like lumpy cat litter, some like crystal cat litter, and others like ordinary cat litter.

Therefore, you need to choose the cat litter according to your cat's preference.

2. Adsorption performance: The main function of cat litter is to absorb cat urine and poo, therefore, you need to choose a cat litter with good adsorption performance, which can quickly and thoroughly absorb odor and humidity.

3. Durability: Durable cat litter can reduce the frequency of litter replacement and save time and money.

Generally speaking, clumping cat litter is more durable, while ordinary cat litter needs to be replaced more frequently.

4. Easy to clean: Choosing a cat litter that is easy to clean can reduce the difficulty and time of cleaning the cat litter box.

Generally speaking, lumpy cat litter and crystal cat litter are easier to clean, while ordinary cat litter needs to be cleaned more frequently.

5. Safety: The material of cat litter also has a certain influence on the health of cats. It is necessary to choose cat litter that is harmless to cats to avoid cats accidentally eating or inhaling substances that are harmful to their bodies.

The selection of cat litter requires comprehensive consideration of cat preferences, adsorption performance, durability, ease of cleaning, and safety to ensure the health and comfort of cats.