Sugarcane may have originated in New Guinea or India and later spread to the Nanyang Islands. More than 100 countries in the world produce sugarcane, with the largest sugarcane producers being Brazil, India and China.

Sugarcane is a very common fruit in our life. Not only does it taste sweet, but it has many beneficial effects on the body.

Its main value.

Nutritional value.

Modern medical research shows that sugarcane is rich in sugar and water, and also contains a variety of vitamins, fats, proteins, organic acids, calcium, iron and other substances that are very beneficial to human metabolism.

Sugarcane can not only add sweetness to food, but also provide nutrients and calories needed by the human body.

Medicinal value.

It has a laxative effect, contains a large amount of non-dietary fiber, does not affect the content of dietary fiber, can properly stimulate the secretion of the gastrointestinal tract, and has a large amount of gastric juice and intestinal juice, which is conducive to the digestion of food.

It can effectively promote red blood cell regeneration, increase blood volume and improve anemia.

It has the effect of promoting metabolism and strengthening the body, and can supplement a variety of amino acids in the human body.

Economic Value.

Sugar cane can also be made into sucrose esters, fructose syrup, etc.

Bagasse, waste honey, filter mud can be made into paper, fiberboard, particleboard, furfural, feed, food medium, dry ice, yeast, citric acid, monosodium glutamate, glycerin, etc.

Sugar cane is also used to make sugar. Sugar is one of the edible products necessary for human beings, and it is also an important raw material for the food industry such as candy and beverages.

At the same time, sugarcane is also an important raw material for light industry, chemical industry and energy.

What are the taboos of sugar cane?

1. Those who are physically weak should not eat sugar cane.

Sugarcane is a cold food material, so people with physical weakness will aggravate the symptoms of deficiency cold after eating sugarcane, causing cold pain in the stomach and abdomen, which is not good for the body, so it is not suitable to eat sugarcane.

2. Diabetic patients are prohibited from eating sugar cane.

Sugar cane is a high-sugar ingredient. It contains a lot of natural sucrose. After eating, blood sugar will rise rapidly. People with diabetes and high blood sugar are not suitable for eating sugar cane.

3. Sore throat should be careful to eat sugar cane.

There are also many varieties of sugarcane, among which black-skin sugarcane and epidermis sugarcane are the most common. Black-skinned sugarcane is warm in nature. Usually eating it will cause the accumulation of heat in the human body, so people's sore throat is mostly caused by internal fire.

4. People with bad teeth should not eat sugar cane.

Sugar cane is relatively hard, and sugar cane juice can only be obtained by chewing it well in the mouth. For people with bad teeth, problems such as sore teeth and bleeding gums may occur when chewing.

Sugarcane water is also sweet, and it feels so good to drink a glass of sugarcane juice on a cool summer day.