Terraced fields have a very long history in the world. The purpose of building terraces in the early days was mostly to solve the food problem. Many of the terraced fields that were built for livelihood at the time are now tourist attractions, and some are even World Heritage Sites.

Below are 5 terraced landscapes around the world, they are all really beautiful.

Rice Terraces in Chiang Mai

Thailand is rich in rice, and there are many rice fields around Chiang Mai, some of which are located in the mountains, forming a beautiful rice terrace landscape. You can take a walking tour here, and the starry sky here at night is also good.

Banaue Rice Terraces, Philippines

The Banaue Rice Terraces in the Philippines, known as the "Stairway to Heaven", is the most beautiful season for Banaue Rice Terraces in April every year. The field has just been planted with new green seedlings, and the first-order bright green squares are embedded in the green mountains and valleys. For a variety of reasons, UNESCO has listed the Banaue Terraces as an endangered World Heritage Site.

Tegalalang Rice Terraces in Bali, Indonesia

Bali has been considered a romantic destination for decades, and couples are drawn to its misty mountain views, Balinese art and the friendliness of the locals. Teglalang Rice Terraces is a famous terraced rice field in Bali, mainly concentrated in Teglalang area, north of Ubud. Field-dotted coconut palms and a majestic volcanic backdrop make it unique among the countless terraced fields in the world, the result of a perfect blend of tropical and idyllic scenery.

Cordillera Rice Terraces

Known as the "Eighth Wonder of the World", the Cordillera Rice Terraces are located in the Andes, 250 kilometers north of Manila. It is a land cleared by the local indigenous tribes in the bare mountains for their livelihoods. For centuries, in order to prevent soil loss, the people of the Ifugao tribe have worked tirelessly to form dams with rocks, until they have become rice terraces now known as "the ladder to heaven". Knowledge passed down from generation to generation, sacred traditions and a delicate social balance make for a beautiful landscape that expresses the conquest and fusion between man and the environment.

Terraced fields of Noto Peninsula, Japan

Noto is a tiny peninsula in Japan shaped like a crooked finger, known for its remote location and pristine unspoilt beauty. A terraced field by the sea on the Noto Peninsula is decorated with 20,000 LED bulbs, making it extremely dazzling at night. It is reported that the terraces are artificially cultivated and are home to organic crops as well as endangered species.