Elderly people can adjust their bodies through correct exercise, mastering skills, controlling intensity, and choosing suitable exercise during exercise can promote the body's circulation, metabolism, and maintain a healthy cardiovascular and cerebrovascular.

Many people with high blood viscosity but not exercising too much will experience adverse symptoms due to circulation disorders and health problems in the blood vessels around the heart or brain. If you can master the skills of maintaining your body and choose suitable sports to exercise your body, you can maintain cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health.

1. Take a walk

Walking in the park or other places with a good environment can not only exercise the heart and lungs, but also enjoy the scenery, fast walking consumes a lot of energy, and will not cause too much pressure on the joints.

2. Cycling

Unlike walking and long-distance running, this sport puts less stress on the joints, and the energy expenditure and endurance exercise are in no way inferior to other sports.

3. Jogging

If you are used to exercising alone, jogging is a good choice. It is best to exercise with a partner, because the elderly have many emergencies, and if multiple people exercise together, they can call for help in time when an emergency occurs.

4. Medical exercise

This exercise is a full-body exercise that can be exercised in the living room or on the balcony. Xinhua Bookstore sells coaching discs and performance discs. The lessons are simple, but the duration is long, about five or sixty minutes, and fifty or sixty movements are not easy to memorize. This set is also relatively free to operate, you can follow the music, very casual, but it is too long to stick to.

5. Swimming

Many communities will have swimming pools that provide the opportunity to swim, especially for those with aging joints and bones. Some even offer hot pool exercises.

6. Yoga

Tai Chi and bowling are fun activities that provide low-impact fitness and relaxation for individuals. Many yoga studios and senior activity centers offer such activities.

7. Dance

Many clubs offer a lot of dance classes, or ask a few friends to go square dancing, which is also a great way to have fun and keep fit.

Tennis or Badminton Indoor and outdoor tennis courts are open year-round and you can try out these fun racket sports; most offer "premium" leagues. Ping pong or ping pong in the same fun time!