Welcome, Lykkers! With the sun shining on us with its warmth in this vibrant summer, we extend our heartfelt greetings to our cherished readers and invite you to embrace summer alongside us.

The perfect time to embark on unforgettable adventures and explore the beauty of the world starts in Summer. Whether you seek the powerful and striking Iceland, the serene forest, or the exciting outdoor activities, these two beautiful destinations are worth considering as your summer getaway.

1. Blue Lagoon

Nestled amidst the rugged volcanic landscapes of Iceland lies the enchanting gem, the Blue Lagoon. Renowned for its surreal azure waters and therapeutic geothermal properties, this iconic destination beckons travelers from around the globe.

From its origin as a natural byproduct of a nearby power plant to its transformation into a world-class spa retreat, the Blue Lagoon offers a unique blend of relaxation, recreation, and visual feast. Join us to explore its captivating allure.

Blue Lagoon

If you finish your adventure in the Blue Lagoon, here is a recommended hotel for you to recharge yourself.

Best Hotel

Choosing the "best" hotel depends on your preferences and budget. However, the most highly recommended option is the Ion Adventure Hotel. It's known for its modern design, eco-friendly ethos, and stunning location in the Icelandic countryside. Lucky enough, you enjoy incredible views of Iceland's rugged landscape and the Northern Lights.

(1) Transportation

The most convenient transportation option is renting a car from Reykjavik and driving to the hotel for about 45 minutes. Alternatively, you call the Ion Adventure Hotel to confirm whether it offers a complimentary shuttle service from your location. It offers transportation services for guests to visit Reykjavik and other nearby attractions with shuttle buses.

It's always a good idea to check with the hotel directly or on their website to confirm the availability and details of transportation options during your stay. There is the phone number: +354 578 3720.

Ion Adventure Hotel

(2) Price

The cost of staying at the Ion Adventure Hotel varies with factors such as the time of year, room type, and any special offers or promotions available.

Generally, prices range from around $200 to $400 or more per night for a standard room.

It's always a good idea to check the hotel's website or contact them directly for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information. There is the website: http://www.ioniceland.is/

(3) Nearby Attraction

Near the Ion Adventure Hotel, one of the best places to visit is Thingvellir National Park. It's renowned for its historical significance as the site of Iceland's first parliament and its stunning landscapes, including the Silfra Fissure where you can snorkel or dive.

2. Tokyo

Tokyo has become a must-visit place in summer as it promises a fusion of cultural immersion, culinary exploration, and outdoor adventures.

Food enthusiasts can indulge in seasonal delights like cold noodles while outdoor enthusiasts can explore parks, hike mountains, or enjoy water-based activities along the coastline. With summer sales in full swing, shoppers can find great deals in Tokyo's diverse shopping districts and boutiques.


Visiting Tokyo involves booking flights to one of its major airports (Haneda or Narita) and you can buy tickets through various online platforms like travel agencies, airline websites, or third-party ticketing websites.

Once there, you can navigate Tokyo efficiently with its extensive public transportation system, including trains and subways. Consider purchasing a Japan Rail Pass if you plan to travel extensively within Tokyo.

For convenience and potential savings, you can also purchase prepaid IC cards like Suica or Pasmo.

The cost of transportation in Tokyo can vary depending on the mode of transport and the distance traveled.

Trains and Subways have fares that range from around 170 yen for short distances to over 300 yen for longer trips. Japan Rail Pass Prices change with the duration (7, 14, or 21 days) and whether you opt for standard or green (first-class) passes. According to the last update, a 7-day ordinary pass costs around 29,650 yen.


Best Place

Meiji Shrine, located in Shibuya, Tokyo, is one of Japan's most important and revered Shinto shrines. As a serene oasis in the middle of the bustling city, it is dedicated to Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken. You will enjoy a peaceful retreat in its Inner Garden and glimpse Japan's rich spiritual heritage through the Meiji Jingu Museum.

(1) Inner Garden

- Hours: 10:00-16:30 (last admission 16:00)

- Closed: No closing days

- Admission: 500 yen

(2) Meiji Jingu Museum

- Hours: 10:00-16:30 (last admission 16:00)

- Closed: Thursdays

- Admission: 1,000 yen

So our Lykkers, whether you are dreaming of a secluded getaway or longing for exciting outdoor activities, the Blue Lagoon and Tokyo are good to soak in. So grab your sunscreen and let the adventure begin.