The red panda is a kind of lonely and lovely elf. This lovely creature usually sleeps in tree holes or caves at noon, because they will come out in the morning or evening to forage, mainly eating fresh and tender bamboo leaves and bamboo shoots.

The species of red panda is neither cat nor bear. They were once classified as civet cats or ferrets, but in fact they don't belong to any other class. So people have to establish a new species of red panda, the red panda family, in which there is only one kind of creature, the red panda.

The lifestyle of the red panda is not much different from that of the giant panda. It also eats bamboo as its staple food. It moves slowly and looks cute.

Red pandas generally live alone, and they start to come into heat in the spring of each year. At this time, the red pandas will gather to live together. Once the estrus period is over, they will live alone as before. Red pandas have a strong sense of territory, just like giant pandas.

However, its appearance is very different from that of giant pandas. Except for the similar face shape, there are big differences in other places.

For example, the color of the red panda is yellow, white, black and brown, and has a long tail. Its body size is also much smaller than that of the giant panda. Its body length is generally about 50CM, and its weight is generally about 5KG.

Red pandas are slow and their senses of sight, smell and hearing are not particularly sensitive, so predators can easily approach them, but red pandas are still very aggressive and they like to climb trees. When they are in danger, they usually climb trees to escape.

But their natural enemies, leopards and minks, also climb trees. In addition, most of the forests are now destroyed, the territory of the red panda is less and less, the possibility of encountering natural enemies is greatly increased, and the chances of being caught by poachers are also increasing. So the number of red pandas is getting smaller and smaller now.

The red pandas kept as pets by people are very easy to die, and the red pandas will not approach humans because of their strong territorial awareness. So we should take some measures to protect the cute little panda.

1. Protect the natural environment.

The natural environment is the basis for the survival of the red panda, and protecting the natural environment is to protect the red panda. Therefore, we need to cut down trees and discharge less pollutants to protect the home of red pandas.

2. Do not interfere with the normal life of the red panda.

If the life of the red panda is disturbed, it will have a negative impact. Therefore, whether visiting the zoo or participating in the protection of red pandas, it must be carried out on the premise of not disturbing their normal life.

3. Do not illegally capture red pandas

If you really like the red panda, protect it and let it live happily instead of catching it in a cage, which is the greatest harm to it.