The Albert Park Circuit, nestled in Melbourne, has been the stage for the opening race of the Formula One Grand Prix since 1996.

This street circuit, situated within the picturesque Albert Park, boasts a smooth layout devoid of traditional 90-degree corners, allowing the cars to maintain high speeds throughout.

Along the track, spectators are treated to stunning views and positioned remarkably close to the action, creating an immersive experience cherished by drivers and fans alike.

In 1996, Melbourne's Albert Park Circuit took over hosting duties for Australia's Formula One Grand Prix, replacing the Delaide Circuit. Since then, it has become the customary starting point for the annual Formula One season, eagerly anticipated by motorsport enthusiasts worldwide.

Converted from the city's Albert Park, the circuit's design ensures a seamless flow without the typical abrupt turns on regular streets. The track winds clockwise around the park's lake, offering drivers breathtaking vistas as they navigate the course.

This distinctive layout, coupled with the proximity of spectators to the track, heightens the event's excitement. Spectators have the unique opportunity to stroll around the track's perimeter, enjoying different vantage points and perspectives, an experience unparalleled at other circuits.

The Albert Park Circuit has earned global acclaim for its exceptional structural design and stringent safety measures. Having hosted car races since the 1950s, including the prestigious Australian International Grand Prix, Albert Park has established itself as a premier racing venue with a rich history.

In 1993, the Victorian Government secured a deal with Formula One to host the Grand Prix, leading to the construction of the new track at Albert Park. The inaugural race took place in 1996, marking the beginning of its tenure as the Australian Grand Prix venue. Since then, it has consistently served as the opening race of the Formula One season, with only brief interruptions in 2006 and 2010.

The Australian Grand Prix holds special significance for Formula One drivers as the season opener, setting the stage for the championship ahead.

Notably, in nine out of thirteen instances when Melbourne hosted the opening race, the eventual season champion emerged victorious, highlighting the event's importance in shaping the championship contenders for the year.

The Albert Park Circuit's reputation extends beyond its role as a Formula One venue. It serves as a hub for motorsport enthusiasts and hosts various events throughout the year, attracting a diverse range of racing categories and fans from around the globe.

With its scenic surroundings, thrilling racing action, and vibrant atmosphere, the Albert Park Circuit continues to captivate audiences and remains a cornerstone of the Formula One calendar.