With Jumanji 4 reportedly in development, fans eagerly await the next installment of this beloved jungle adventure series that has been entertaining audiences since 1995.

The previous film, "Jumanj3," released in 2019, hinted at the possibility of a new sequel through a post-credits scene.

While Jumanji 4 remains in its early stages of development, all indications suggest Sony Pictures' enthusiasm to further the series, with Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, and Karen Gillan expected to reprise their roles.

The star-studded casts of the previous films quickly became box office hits, generating substantial interest among fans for the happenings of Game of Jumanji 4.

Numerous cast and crew members linked to "Jumanji 3" have confirmed that "Jumanji 3" is in the works. Dwayne Johnson initially hinted at a connection between the third and fourth movies, and Jake Kasdan subsequently confirmed production in March 2020.

Jake Kasdan has confirmed the return of key cast members from the first two movies, including Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, and Jack Black There's also the possibility that they will return to their real-life roles since they were drawn into the game, leaving open the potential for their return to reality.

The real-life cast comprises Alex Wolff, Madison Eiseman, and Morgan Turner.

While there are no specific plot details available for Jumanji 4, it's easy to speculate on the movie's foundation. The original Jumanji film, directed by Joe Johnston, featured Robin Williams as Alan Parrish, who stumbles upon a mysterious board game, only to find himself transported into a perilous jungle world after rolling the dice.

Jake Kasdan's "Jumanji" transformed the board game into a video game, evolving the story.

The post-credits scene in "Jumanji 3" sets the stage for Jumanji 4 by unleashing jungle animals into the real world.

This development raises the intriguing possibility that, just as the animals escaped the game, the characters may have as well, including the virtual ones.

Dwayne Johnson has already hinted at the future of the series, suggesting that the antagonist, Jurgen Brutal, in "Jumanji 3," is a virtual character, and the true nature of the villain will be unveiled in Jumanji 4.

In addition to the exciting return of the original cast in Jumanji 4, fans can look forward to a fresh twist in the storyline. As the movie evolves from board games to virtual reality, there's an air of mystery surrounding the impending release, leaving fans eager to see how the jungle adventure unfolds in this thrilling next installment.

Dwayne Johnson's revelations about the antagonist's true nature only add to the intrigue, making Jumanji 4 a must-watch for fans of this long-running series.