Nature has the magical power to heal the heart, especially the snow-capped mountains, overlooking from the top of the mountain, are majestic and magnificent, and their scenery is beautiful and beautiful. A pure place like the snow mountain can wash our hearts.

Such a pure place is the Meili Snow Mountain, which is 6,740 meters above sea level and is a beautiful snow peak in the Hengduan Mountains. The Lancang River and the Nu River flow through the foot of the mountain on the east and west sides. The warm and humid air up the river valley meets the cold air, often making the climate here unpredictable. The snow peaks point directly to the blue sky, and the clear water cuts deep into the canyon. Surrounded by dense virgin forests, the flocks of sheep on the greenery outside the forest are dotted like white clouds. Locals call it the "God of Snow Mountains". Rich in Cordyceps, Snow Lotus, Fritillaria, etc., it is indeed somewhat magical.

The second is the Matterhorn, which originally means "gentle grassland". It is located on the border between Italy and Switzerland, east of Mont Blanc, and is the main peak of the Pennine Mountain. s King". It is the most beautiful mountain in the Alps and a proud symbol of Switzerland. It is famous for its special triangular cone shape, with 4 distinctive ridges and 4 faces that give it the shape of a pyramid, becoming the representative of the Alps. The mountain covered with snow for many years reflects the metal-like light, which is breathtaking.

The vertical height of the north wall of the Matterhorn is 1,100 meters, and there are ice and snow slopes in the middle. Due to the extremely steep and dangerous terrain, many mountaineers regard the Matterhorn as a difficult challenge. The small mountain village Zermatt in the northern slope of the Matterhorn has also become the most famous tourist destination in Switzerland because of the Matterhorn. No matter spring, summer, autumn or winter, it is always crowded with tourists.

Finally, there is Fishtail Peak, which is 6997 meters above sea level. It is named after the shape of the peak resembles a fishtail. It is regarded as a holy mountain in Nepal. The scenery is pure and beautiful, making people feel relaxed and happy. Although the Fishtail Peak is not the highest mountain in Nepal, it has become the symbol of Nepal. The sacred mountain and surrounding peaks can be seen from the vicinity of Fewa Lake in Pokhara, jutting out of the lower mountains. Fishtail Peak is forbidden to climb, but tourists can take a small plane to see the magnificent landscape of Fishtail Peak and the Himalayas up close.