The Folded Ear Cat, also known as the Scottish Fold, is a unique and distinctive breed of domestic cat that is known for its folded ears and round, wide-set eyes.

This breed originated in Scotland in the 1960s and has since become a popular choice for cat lovers around the world.

The origin was a female cat with pendulous ears born by a mutation on a farm in Stockholm in 1961.

The owner bred the cat with caution because he found that this type of cat with drooping ears had not yet appeared in the world.

Soon after, the cat grew up and gave birth to two kittens with the same curved ears.

Thus, knowing that this unique nature would be passed on, a careful breeding program was continued with these cats as the foundation.

The Folded Ear Cat is a medium-sized cat with a rounded body and short legs.

They have a thick, dense coat that can come in a variety of colors and patterns, including solid colors, tabby stripes, and bi-colors.

Their most distinctive feature is their ears, which are folded forward and downward, giving them a wide-eyed, owl-like appearance.

The fold in their ears is caused by a genetic mutation that affects the cartilage and is present from birth.

Folded Ear Cats are known for their friendly, affectionate personalities, and are often described as being quiet and docile.

They are social cats that enjoy the company of humans and other animals and are often happy to curl up in a warm lap for a nap.

They are also intelligent and playful and enjoy interactive toys and games that stimulate their minds and bodies.

While Folded Ear Cats are generally healthy and robust, they can be prone to certain health issues related to their folded ears.

The cartilage in their ears is often weaker than in other breeds, which can lead to ear infections or other ear-related problems.

It is important for owners to keep their ears clean and dry, and to monitor for any signs of discomfort or infection.

As with most cats, their intestines are weak and it is best to feed them with a fixed brand of cat food.

If you need to change them to another brand of cat food, make sure to transition slowly. Suddenly changing cat food can easily lead to cat diarrhea.

Overall, the Folded Ear Cat is a unique and distinctive breed that is loved for its friendly personality and distinctive appearance.

While they require some special care related to their ears, they are generally easy to care for and make wonderful companions for cat lovers of all ages.