The Golden Gate Bridge, a marvel of 20th-century engineering, is undoubtedly one of the most famous bridges in the world.

This iconic bridge connects Northern California to the San Francisco Peninsula, and when a ship sails into San Francisco, the first thing that comes into view from the deck is the towering steel towers of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The bridge's steel towers, standing 342 meters high, are a true engineering feat, equivalent to a 70-story building, with 227 meters above the water.

The top of the towers has two 92.7 cm diameter steel cables weighing 24,500 tons connected to them.

The cables extend down to the midpoint and connect to the bridge body with a thin steel rope.

The steel cable ends extend to the shore, anchored in the rock, while the bridge body under the bridge on both sides is generated by the huge tension in mid-air.

The bridge's span between the steel towers is 1,280 meters, making it one of the rare single-hole long-span suspension bridges built in the world.

The height from the sea to the center of the bridge is about 60 meters, making it wide and high enough for even large ships to pass unimpeded.

The bridge's total length, including the part extending from both ends of the steel towers, is 2,737 meters.

Two auxiliary steel towers have been built on each side of the bridge to make its shape even more spectacular. The bridge's deck is 27.4 meters wide, with six lanes of traffic and two spacious pedestrian walkways.

The Golden Gate Bridge was designed by engineer Joseph Strauss, and to commemorate his contribution to the United States, a full-body bronze statue of him was placed on the bridge.

The Golden Gate Bridge is not just an important transportation hub connecting San Francisco with cities to the north but also a symbol of the city itself.

This iconic bridge is one of the world's larger single-hole suspension bridges and has been featured in several American movies, including "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" and "X-Men."

To capture the bridge's true beauty, it's best to view it from different vantage points.

Fort Point, the spire on the south side of the bridge, offers a unique view of the bridge, while Vista Point near Sausalito is a lookout point with breathtaking views.

Battery Spencer, a lookout point on the north bank of the bridge to the west, is also an excellent spot to capture the bridge's beauty.

If you're a photography enthusiast, the north side of the bridge offers an excellent spot for panoramic shots of the bridge, while the south side is more suitable for capturing the water and bridge body from a closer angle and height.

You may also want to rent a bike to ride across the bridge and experience its beauty firsthand.

Visitors should keep in mind that the Golden Gate Bridge toll booths do not accept cash tickets, so it's recommended that you purchase an electronic vehicle pass online in advance if you plan to drive.

Additionally, electric bicycles or scooters are not allowed on the pedestrian walkway, and in-line skates, skateboards, and four-wheeled skates are prohibited on the bridge.

Pets are also not allowed on the bridge, except for guide dogs, and strollers are not allowed on the walkway.

The Golden Gate Bridge is a true marvel of engineering and a symbol of San Francisco.

To fully appreciate its beauty, it's best to view it from different vantage points and capture it from various angles. A visit to the Golden Gate Bridge is a must-do for anyone visiting San Francisco.