Many people who grow flowers at home are particularly attentive and not only require beautiful plant postures that are generous but also those that can bring prosperity and good luck.

Like the following five "prosperous trees," they are very suitable for home decoration, both beautiful and generous, and also symbolic.


Kumquat is a beautiful fruit-bearing flower with rich green and bright leaves that remain bright green throughout the year.

After the fruits ripen, golden hanging branches can maintain their beauty for several months without falling, making them very beautiful and festive.


Kumquat is full of fruits in autumn, so it needs sufficient water and fertilizer.

The potting soil should not be too dry, and once a month, it needs dihydrogen phosphate potassium.

It should also be placed in a sunny environment, so the fruit will mature as soon as possible and become golden yellow, enhancing its ornamental effect.

Fortune Seeds

Fortune seeds are ornamental plants with a large fruiting capacity, and their fruits are bright and festive when they mature, making them particularly attractive.


Fortune seeds like a warm and moist environment, so they thrive in home pot culture.

After winter, they should be moved indoors. When the environment is too dry, give it a spray of water mist to keep the surrounding air moist.

During the fruiting period, they should be supplemented with some phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, and placed in a sunny location to help the fruit mature as soon as possible.


Osmanthus is a fragrant flower that blooms every year in August during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Raising a pot at home will fill the garden with its rich fragrance, making it very popular due to its symbolic meaning of wealth and good luck.


Osmanthus is a plant that likes acidic soil. So, when potting it up, give it more nutrient-rich humus to help it grow vigorously.

During the growing period, give it some well-rotted sheep manure and soybean cake every month.

Let it see the sun as much as possible in all seasons except summer, so that it can bloom more during the flowering period and produce a more intense fragrance.

Fortune Tree

The fortune tree is a foliage plant with beautiful branches and leaves that remain evergreen.

It has a good meaning of attracting money, making it one of the most popular foliage plants in the family.

When placed in the living room, it looks lively, beautiful, and generous.


During maintenance, the fortune tree is prone to rotten roots, yellow leaves, and other phenomena, which are mostly due to improper watering.

The root system is not developed, so if it is watered too diligently, the potting soil remains wet for an extended period, causing boring roots, rotten roots, and yellow leaves. Normally, watering can be done when it is dry and wet.

During the peak growing season, water it once a month with plant nutrient solution and place it in a semi-shady and ventilated environment.

Money Tree

The money tree has beautiful leaves that are green all year round, resembling a string of copper coins.

It has a good meaning of attracting money into wealth, making it a common foliage plant in the family.

When placed at home, it looks beautiful, fresh, and natural, and also has an excellent air purification effect.


The money tree likes loose, breathable soil, so it should be planted with loose and breathable nutrient soil.

In the process of maintenance, often apply some fermented and rotted organic fertilizer to the pot and keep the potting soil slightly wet.

Often let it meet the diffused light, so the plant will be able to grow branches and leaves.

The above 5 kinds of ornamental trees, have beautiful postures, evergreen, but also have a very good meaning, very suitable for home ornamental.