When it comes to holidays, many friends will choose to take their families on a driving tour, which can relieve the stress and irritability of daily work.

You should make sufficient preparations before starting a self-drive tour to avoid encountering unexpected situations on the road.

1. Check the vehicle before the driving tour, planning the route.

Check and maintain your car in advance, check the car brake horn headlights, as well as the oil tank oil that can be used normally, check whether the tire pressure is normal and whether the direction system is sensitive, and then drive the trip after the check is correct.

Plan your driving route and check the weather along the way. Finally, remember to bring all kinds of documents to avoid the embarrassing situation of being stopped on the road.

2. Tow rope.

If you go to some poor road conditions in the region, it is easy to happen that the car tires to into a mud puddle and can not get out of the situation, then the car with the tow rope will have a use.

3. Medical emergency kit

When you go out on a driving trip, you may be injured, so prepare a medical kit to carry out first aid work at any time.

The medical kit should be equipped with band-aids, tourniquets, bandages, elastic bandages, disinfectant cotton towels, and some common medicines such as anti-inflammatory and anti-heatstroke.

4. Food and daily necessities

Nowadays, there are service stations and towns all over the world, so it is very convenient to resupply, but it is still necessary to prepare some food and drinking water in case of accidents, which can make people feel more secure.

In addition, you should also bring daily necessities according to your needs, such as disinfectant wipes, thermos, garbage bags, umbrellas, toilet paper, blankets, and so on.

If you have picnic needs along the way, you can prepare folding tables, hammocks, disposable tableware and picnic mats to increase the sense of picnic experience.

Of course, these daily necessities can be carried according to their own needs at their discretion.

Nowadays, self-drive tours have become the first choice of more and more travel enthusiasts, self-drive tours can not only avoid the inconvenience of taking public transportation, followed by self-drive tours can choose the itinerary at will, to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way, not restricted by the itinerary.

In order not to let their own driving experience not compromise, check the maintenance of the car in advance, plan the route, and prepare the car tools, first aid kits, and commonly used daily necessities necessary, to enjoy the joy of travel wholeheartedly.