Do you like hot chocolate?

This drink is very popular in coffee shops, but you can actually try to make it at home.


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50g of chocolate with 70% cocoa butter

Whole milk 250ml

1 sugar cube

Animal light cream 60g

15g of white sugar.


Half a teaspoon of vanilla; a little cocoa powder.

Steps and practices.

1. Light cream with vanilla and sugar whipped aside.

Break the chocolate into pieces and melt over water, stirring vigorously.

Pour milk into a pot and heat over medium-low heat until small bubbles form around the edges and turn off the heat.

Pour a little milk into the melted chocolate, stir well and repeat 3-4 times (each time you add milk, stir well before you continue to add milk).

2. Milk and chocolate mixture until smooth and flowing state, then pour back into the original milk, continue to heat on the stovetop over low heat, stir well, add sugar, and turn off the heat.

Continue to stir until the sugar dissolves, and pour into a cup.

3. Squeeze or spoon the whipped cream onto the surface of the hot chocolate and gently sift a little cocoa powder over it.


1. Hot chocolate is not hot cocoa and should not be confused with hot chocolate.

Hot cocoa is made from cocoa powder and does not contain cocoa butter. Hot chocolate is cooked with chocolate and contains cocoa butter.

The texture and taste of the two are completely different.

To ensure that hot chocolate tastes good, the ingredients are key. Chocolate must be made with a high cocoa butter content, at least not less than 60%.

Do not use milk chocolate, let alone cocoa butter substitute.

If you use chocolate with a cocoa butter content of more than 70%, we must appropriately reduce the amount of chocolate, if it is less than 70%, the appropriate amount of chocolate to increase.

2. Milk must be used whole milk, to ensure a smoother texture and more flavorful taste.

Light cream uses animal light cream, refuses "fat" cream, has poor taste, and is unhealthy.

Coffee shop production generally chooses to use milk froth, no milk froth machine at home to switch to light cream, so as to make the perfect level of taste.

3. Light cream whipped to produce the effect of milk froth to be good, the taste is more concentrated and also not greasy.

4. The really good hot chocolate must be rich and smooth, both to drink the thick chocolate flavor, but also to drink the mellow milk flavor, so the ratio of milk and chocolate is very important.

The second secret to making sure your hot chocolate is good is the method of making it.

Although it looks like a simple cup of hot chocolate, the method of making it is still a bit tedious, but you can't be afraid of trouble if you want to reap good quality, and when the fragrant hot chocolate is wafting, you will feel it is worth it.