Many people like to keep cats as pets because cats are very gentle in character and cute in appearance. Many strange phenomena are also found in the process of raising cats, such as why cats' eyes glow, and when cats' pupils are large and small. Wait.

First, cats come in various colors, such as yellow, black, white, gray, and blue.

Cat hair is not all a single solid color, most of which are mixed in various colors:

1. Solid color

Among cat breeds, solid-colored cats are the most common. Many cats are also mixed with other colors, and like the pure white pastoral cat is also easy to obtain. And pure black, or pure gray cats are also available, and you can buy them at pet stores.

2. Black and white

Black and white cats don't mean that kind of string cat. It's British cats like cow cats, also known as tuxedo cats. The black and white cow cat has a lively and cute personality and is very docile when facing its owner.

3. Orange

There are quite a lot of orange cats. For example, some breeds of Abyssinian cats are orange, and there are purebred Persian cats, and some are also orange with a little copper red.

4. Tabby stripes

There are many cats with tabby stripes, such as American shorthair cats, native tabby cats, or leopard cats, and so on. The general characteristics of this striped cat are that it is very intelligent and has very high physical fitness.

5. Blue and white

Uncommon cats with blue and white colors are more expensive. Like the British Shorthair, or the blue-and-white Garfield.

Secondly, the main reasons why cats' eyes glow are as follows:

1. The cat's eyes contain special light-sensitive tissue that glows at night, which helps to improve night vision.

2. Cats have a mirror-like structure in their retinas that allows their eyes to glow.

Finally, the eyes of cats are actually the same as ordinary mammals. They have the ability to protect the retina, that is, they will shrink when exposed to strong light, and they will expand when exposed to weak light, so we can see that the pupils of cats will shrink when exposed to light, or even thin strips, the light is dark and it is enlarged into a circle, but the pupils of cats will be different depending on the breed. The pupils of large wild cats are mostly oval, while the general domestic cats are vertical slits.

It can be closed more effectively than the round pupil, mainly to protect the retina! There are two kinds of important cells in the retina, that is, rods and cones. Rods are mainly responsible for collecting light and are very sensitive to light. Cones are mainly responsible for analyzing and imaging. Cats have more rods and fewer cones. Therefore, the night vision ability is good, but the vision is only 1/10 of that of humans.