A very important reason for wearing a coat in winter is that the warmth of this item will be very good, especially the long version, which can ensure the warmth of the top, but also protect most of the legs and knee joints.

But when choosing a coat is not the longer the better, too long style is easy to look very bloated, the whole person's temperament will also be affected.

When choosing a coat can follow a very simple principle, that is, over the knee but not the ankle, more than the knee length can be perfectly compatible with both the practicality of warmth, but also through the long design way to present a gentle sense of light mature women.

However, the ankle length is not considered a super long model, so you can avoid looking bloated and unsupported when wearing it.

There are different types of winter coats depending on the collar.

1.Lapel collar

The most common type of coat collar should be the lapel collar, lapel collar coat will look atmospheric.

However, the big lapel collar coat may not be too friendly to small people, because the whole collar is relatively large, a person is not high then the upper body will look very cumbersome.

On the contrary, taller women will wear a more obvious gas field, can easily support the large collar, the overall effect is high and thin.

2.Suit collar

Suit collar clothes in the workplace will be more popular, suit collar coat is also a natural workplace winter essential items.

The suit collar gives people a more advanced feeling, so people will feel that you wear this coat is more advanced.

The workplace is not to be missed.

3.Hooded collar

I believe that many people in the winter will like the hat, because the rain and snow weather hat warm effect is really very good.

Even hooded collar coat is relatively more convenient, no longer need to carry a separate hat.

Even the fur collar coat is also the collar is relatively wide model, so more suitable for tall and thin women, especially the slender neck of the sister.

If your neck is thick and short, the hat may make you more short fat, not very recommended!

4.Circular collar

The round neck coat is now relatively rare, an important reason is that it is too high on the body requirements.

The round neck coat without any embellishments, and round neck T-shirt is a reason, but do not forget that the coat is a cardigan style, round neck design will make you look great face.

The most important requirement of the round neck coat is also very high, more suitable for the body thin woman, if you are fat type of girl, round neck will only bring fat effect it!

The most important requirement for clothes in winter is to keep warm, and the warmth effect of different materials of clothes is not the same

1.White duck down

White duck down is used as clothing duck down, generally using cotton yarn for terry yarn.

White duck down plush, soft to the touch, comfortable to wear, beautiful and generous.

In addition to the warmth of white duck down, but also with a soft feel, fine texture white duck down warmth, the greater the proportion of filling of the down the warmer, the higher the fluffiness the warmer.

2.Coral fleece

Coral fleece is one of the newest and best-selling textile fabrics.

In addition to warmth, but also with a soft feel, fine texture, environmental protection, etc. for the characteristics.

3.Bamboo carbon fiber

Bamboo carbon fiber is known as "black diamond" reputation, known as the "twenty-first century, the new defender of environmental protection".

The birth of multi-functional bamboo carbon fiber, is a revolutionary innovation in textile multi-functional materials.


Modal fiber is a high moisture modulus regenerated cellulose fiber, the entire production process of fiber without any pollution.

It has a pleasant soft touch and drape as well as excellent wearability.