Do you plan to keep cats at home? Cats are our companions and friends, and they will accompany us at any time. Don't you know what to prepare for raising a cat? Come and have a look.

Cat supplies.

1. Entertainment products.

Cat scratch board: cats need to sharpen their claws. Cat scratch boards can help cats develop good habits.

Cat teaser stick: It is used to interact with cats and enhance their relationship with cats. It needs to be replaced regularly and does not need to be prepared too expensive.

Toys: Prepare several toys to satisfy the cat's curiosity. Choose some toys that can let the cat play by himself, which can free his hands.

2. Nursing supplies.

Insect repellent: No matter whether cats often go out, they need to use insect repellent regularly. Cats must have insect repellents inside and outside their bodies.

Probiotics: Most cats have weak intestines and stomachs, and are prone to vomiting and diarrhea. You can feed some probiotics to relieve them, and they can also restore the intestines and stomach.

Hair removal cream: cats often lick their hair, which is easy to accumulate a lot of hair in the stomach and intestines, leading to hairball disease. They need to regularly feed hair cream or cat grass to expel hairballs.

3. Cleaning supplies.

Bath gel: The bath gel for pets should be selected, which is safe in composition and free from irritating smells.

Toothpaste toothbrush: Brush the cat's teeth regularly, which can prevent the cat from dental calculus, gingivitis, and other oral diseases.

Nail clipper: trim your cat's nails regularly to prevent splitting.

4. Daily necessities.

Hair comb: no matter long haired cats or short-haired cats, they should prepare a hair comb, and stick to combing every day, which can comb the floating hair and keep the hair smooth, and can also enhance feelings.

Cat litter basin and cat litter: Select a good cat litter basin and a good quality cat litter, which can reduce the peculiar smell of feces at home.

Cat bowl: Two cat bowls should be prepared, one for feeding cat food and the other for water. It is not recommended to choose plastic cat bowls, which are prone to bacteria.

5. Food.

Canned cat food: Canned cat food is also suitable for cats because it is made according to the nutritional needs of cats and tastes delicious. Many cats like to eat it.

Freeze dried food: No cat can resist the temptation of freeze-drying. Freeze drying is very nutritious, so it is also suitable for cats.

Daily cleaning of cats.

1. Ears.

Drop an appropriate amount of ear wash solution into the cat's body, and massage, and rub the ears with your fingers. Release the cathead, let it shake out the ear wash solution by itself, and use a clean cotton ball to wipe off the residual earwax and cleaning solution on the cat ear gallery.

2. Foot hair.

When you trim your toenails, don't forget the cat's foot hair.

3. Corners of eyes.

Sometimes the cat has some inflammation, and there will be more eye mucus in the corners of the eyes, which not only affects the cat's image but also may cause the cat's tears.

4. Oral cleaning.

Regularly clean the cat's mouth and brush the cat's teeth to prevent oral diseases such as bad breath and dental calculus.

5. Disinfection.

Clean and disinfect cat supplies regularly to create a good pet environment.

Did you write it down?