Shuttling through the tall buildings and immersing yourself in busy work, how long have you not embraced nature? Put aside the hustle and bustle of the city, even if it's only a few days, take your tent and equipment and let’s go camping!

Tataruga camp, Greece

Tataruga camp is located on the Greek island of zakinsos, between beautiful olive trees, enjoying the perfect scenery of laganas Bay. If you like camping on the beach rather than in the forest, you must try it here. It is near a small pebble beach. Under the sun, the sea water shows a clear light blue. You can dive and swim with turtles. If you have the opportunity, you can observe them come ashore to lay eggs, or you can explore the small islands along the coast. Camping here does not mean isolation from the world. If you are a lively person, water parks and delicious restaurants on laganas beach. The carnival crowd is always looking forward to the participation of new friends.

Caralevado camp, Spain

Caralevado camp is one of the most representative camps on the Costa Brava coast of Spain. It is located next to the beach between tosadema island and Marletta, just a few steps away from the beach. Take a walk on the beach, you can enjoy the sapphire like water of Costa Brava and enjoy the magnificent scenery of the original ecology of the coast. Next to the camp is a beautiful nature park with oak and pine trees extending to the seaside, forming a comfortable shade. The simple wooden villa is integrated with the woods, and also has a private terrace and small kitchen, which can not only give people enough private space, but also freely embrace nature. There are also recreational activities such as diving, canoeing and mini golf.

Arola campsite, Switzerland

Arola campsite is in the Alps, the highest altitude in Europe. This luxury tent campsite is equipped with gardens, firewood stoves, balconies, RV, etc. the small grocery store of the camp provides complete necessities of life. Hot water bathing facilities make campers feel refreshed after a busy day. It is worth mentioning that the camp is also covered with wireless networks! For tourists who don't often feel the pain of camping, it will be very friendly here. If you come here once, you will fall in love with camping! Looking up, green trees and lawns are dotted on the distant snow mountain background like oil paintings, and so is the fairy tale world. There is no light pollution in the mountains. Looking up at night is the infinite Milky way. If you are lucky, you can also encounter meteors!

Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia is the second largest island in Italy after Sicily. It has gorgeous beach scenery. There are many campsites on the island, which are only a few steps away from the beach. It is equipped with outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts and other facilities. Simple villas, tents and RV are scattered all over the pine forest, and some are equipped with kitchens and private bathrooms. Guests can eat in the restaurant in the campsite. Some campsites also provide evening entertainment and children's clubs. The whole island is like a huge beach camping club, in which everyone can find their own happiness. Lying under the sunshade, ordering a cool summer drink, overlooking the distant sea, watching the active people on the beach, and enjoying the most authentic Italian food, this is the best state of beach camping.

La Garangeoire,France

In addition to camping near the magnificent mountains and lakes, you can also choose to stay in the beautiful ancient castle and spend a hot summer comfortably. La Garangeoire in La Vendée covers an area of about 2 square kilometers, including four lakes for fishing, bicycle trails and horse-riding venues. Canoeing can be done in the lake, and camping can participate in rich outdoor activities here. There are also thermostatic swimming pools and warm restaurants. These public facilities can let you go back to experience urban life at any time when you don't want to cook. There are dense woods in the campsite, which can ensure the privacy of each tent. In addition, the location is superior, only a few minutes' drive from the nearby town and the beautiful beach.