The variety of women's hats has been increasing, transforming into a must-have item that can be worn all year round. In addition to straw hats in summer and fur hats in winter, there are also various hats with a small face effect or sunscreen function. One hat can achieve various effects.

In fact, hats were originally a fashion item for men. In recent years, women's styles have become more and more abundant. In summer, hats with UV protection, sunscreen function, and fashion are also very popular, and in winter, they prefer cute hats with a warm and furry feel.

Women's hats are used as a fashion item, even more often than men's. Be sure to pay attention to the etiquette of indoor wearing.

The hats worn by the royal family or VIPs are part of the formal attire, so it doesn't matter if you don't take them off indoors.

There are many kinds of hats, you can choose from many different angles, popular styles, suitable for your face, functional, etc.

There are more styles to choose from as the seasons change.

To choose a hat, we need three steps: first, study your face shape clearly; second, understand the classification of hats; third, take the right seat.

1. Round face

Best for: Bowler hats, Panama hats, bucket hats

Not suitable for: baseball caps, newsboy caps

It is difficult for hats to show thinness, and the best way is to contrast and block. Because the wide-brimmed hat has a large brim area, it can set off the small face, and the Panama hat has the same effect, but these two hats should be worn slightly behind.

2. Square face

Best for: Bowler hats, berets, bucket hats (softer)

Not suitable for: flat brim hat, Panama hat

The characteristic of a square face is that the mandible is prominent and the outline is more angular. The same wide-brimmed hat and Panama hat are suitable, and such a face shape will be more aura.

In addition, the function of the beret is to weaken the sharpness brought by this face shape and add tranquility and art, but be careful to wear it obliquely and not buckle it upside down on the back of the head.

In addition to the hat, there is also a few strands of hair with a curvature that modify the face shape is also obvious.

3. Long face

Best for: Bowler hats, baseball caps, newsboy hats, fisherman hats

Not suitable for: wool hat (with peak)

The advantage of a long face is actually quite good. It is characterized by being thin and long. Being thin is a benefit, and being long can also be modified and blocked, so basically all hats can be worn.

Remember that the brim of the hat must be pressed down to reduce the vertical length. The reason why woolen hats are not suitable is that woolen hats fit the scalp better and lengthen the length, which will highlight the disadvantages.

Tips: Every time you wear a hat, you should leave a few sideburns on both sides of your cheeks. If you have bangs, they will be exposed generously, and use straight hair clips to make the effect of inward bending, which will help modify your face shape, even if you wear them backward, they will be the same.

But If you ask yourself if your face shape is thin enough and you are not afraid of looking like a pizza face, you can also try all back!

In order to achieve the effect of a small face and spirit, you can use straight hair clips or curly hair clips to create a fluffy feeling for the hair, and the slight curl already has a natural feeling of being unable to wake up.

If you are really in a hurry, the most direct way is to tie a ponytail All have the same effect, but remember not to tie too tightly!