In a hot air balloon, there are two holy places in the world, one is Kenya in Africa and the other is Cappadocia in Turkey.

It would be a pity if you came to Turkey and did not take a hot air balloon to see the magical landscape of Cappadocia, feel the freshness and overlook the earth. Cappadocia, Turkey, has a unique karst landform and is known as "the most moon-like place on earth".

The Padokiya hot air balloon is not something you want to sit on, you at least need to have a general understanding of it first.

There are many hot air balloon companies in Turkey, and the prices are mostly around 150 to 200 euros. Butterfly and Royal are well-known local companies. Butterfly Company Hot Air Balloon. At 4am, the balloon company will pick you up from various hotels in Goreme town. After a simple breakfast, the driver will take the tourists to an open field before it is bright, and you will see that the pilot is already preparing for the ignition of the hot air balloon. Hot air balloons are divided into large, medium and small, the larger the lower the price. The large hot air balloon is divided into four equal areas in the middle, and 4 people stand in each area. Yes, you heard it right, in fact, the hot air balloon does not "sit", but stands.

The flight time of the hot air balloon is related to the size of the basket (the number of people loaded varies), and of course the price. However, under normal circumstances, it is mainly divided into 60 minutes and 90 minutes, which is enough for you to see the beautiful scenery and have enough time to take pictures.

However, there are no fixed routes for hot air ballooning. The wind direction varies from day to day, and the hot air balloons take off and land slightly differently. So no hot air balloon company can claim that it has a better flight route and a better view.

It's just that experienced pilots may let you get closer to canyons and rocks, or fly over some terraces booked for accommodation, but the route is different every time, so everyone's Memories are also unique.

From April to October every year, this is the best time to fly hot air balloons.

Because the airflow is stable before and after sunrise, and the wind, temperature, and visibility are allowed, the hot air balloons in Cappadocia generally choose to fly in the early morning. From April to October, Turkey has sunny weather and more days suitable for flying, so the chances of getting on a hot air balloon are also higher.


1. Pay attention to keeping warm during the air flight of the hot air balloon. Remember to add more clothes.

2. There are many hot air balloon companies in Cappadocia with relatively large price ranges. Due to the flight time, the number of people allowed, the flight quality, etc. are not the same. It is recommended to choose a hot air balloon company with good qualifications and a large scale. After all, hot air balloons have certain risks. Don’t just take the price as your consideration.

3. Most hot air balloon companies have official websites, which can be booked in advance by email. If there are not too many tourists, you can go to the local area and book again. Usually local hotels will provide reservation services, the price is relatively low.