When it comes to Britain, it seems that it must be linked to words such as "modernization" and "world power". But did you know that the soul of Britain lies in the village? As the British writer Paxman said, "In the mind of the British, the soul of Britain is in the country."

The British love of the village is deep in the bone. The leisurely rural life is full of innate charm in their hearts. This article will take you to the Cotswolds, which has the honorary title of "Britain's Most Beautiful Village". Coswarts is located in the southwest of England and consists of many stone villages. These pretty towns consist mainly of stone-built houses, historic towns and elegant gardens.

In the 12th to 13th centuries, Cotswolds was the "wool town" of England. At that time, the export of wool raw materials was the main source of British wealth, and the sheep of Coswarts could cut the best wool, so Coswarts became the wealthiest village in Britain at that time. To this day, British people agree that the Cotswolds is the richest area and represents the highest standard and quality of living in the UK.

The romantic road starts from Upper/Lower Slaughter, these two small villages have a bridge-like scenery, natural simplicity and tranquility. In autumn, on the way from Lower slaughter to Upper slaughter, there will be a romantic encounter with this rapeseed flower, which is a must for photographers.

Further north, next to the Upper/Lower slaughter is the small town of Stow-on-the-wold. This town is the highest town in the Coswarts. It used to be a famous sheep market, but now it has become a well-known antique trading center. The scenery here is beautiful and it is very suitable for walking and playing.

Continue north to Bourton-on-the-water. Known as "Little Venice," Bourdain is a must-see for tourists and the most popular place in the Cotswolds. There is a main street and a parallel river here. The water is crystal clear. Many people take a walk here, have a picnic, and sometimes see wild ducks playing in the water, which is very pleasant. Here you can move freely, wander freely by the river, enjoy the warm sunshine, forget all your troubles, as if even the time has been stretched. When you are tired you can always choose a cafe to sit and enjoy a leisurely time.

On both sides of the river are farmhouses and houses built along the water, as well as country hotels and post offices. At the end of the street is a vintage car museum worth a visit. Of course, there is another place that has to be said: The Model Village. This model village is a miniature replica of the entire village at a scale of 1:9 by local skilled craftsmen using the beeswax-colored stone specializing in Cotswolds, which is almost 100% restoration. There are also many cute mini green plants inside, which are amazingly beautiful.

Turn your head south and enter the boundaries of Broadway, an iconic town in Coswarts. From a distance, there are many honey-colored houses decorated with flowers, hidden in the hills and surrounded by green trees, which are beautiful and dreamy. The houses are old and exquisite, the quiet streets and the fresh air make people even want to stop their hurried steps and sit down and have a cup of English black tea lazily. The main road of Broadway extends all the way to the mountain, and there is a high tower on the top of the mountain, which is also called "Broadway Tower". The tower is not tall, but looking down from the tower, the hillsides and woods, meadows and flocks are full of eyes, and the honey-colored castle under the blue sky is not particularly poetic.

After Broadway, it is the "finale" village of Coswarts - The Village of Bibury. So far, this amazingly beautiful "Romantic Road" is over. Bury is the essence of Coswarts. Poetic, romantic and beautiful, all the best words seem to be made for Bury.

It has received the attention and favor of many celebrity media. It was once named "the most beautiful village in England" by William Morris, a famous handicraft pioneer in the 19th century; Fox News also reported that it is "the most poetic village in the world". It was voted the most fascinating must-see in Europe by the Huffington Post in 2014. After listening to these names, you can better understand why this is the soul of Cozwarts.

The countryside must be inseparable from the river. It has the same babbling creek as Bourdain on the water, and the river in Bury is called the River Coln. Walk down the river and Bury Trout Farm is in front of you. The farm has the freshest trout for you to buy, and sometimes you can even experience the fun of catching big fish on the farm!