After the self-driving tour enters the winter travel period, many things should be paid special attention to, such as preparations before travel, necessary items, precautions when driving, precautions for skiing and snow prevention, etc.

Change tires to snow tires

Everyone who walks on ice and snow must have the experience of slipping. This is because the ground is slippery and the friction of the shoes we wear is not enough. Vehicles also need enough friction to drive on icy and snowy roads, and road tires usually used are not suitable. At this time, changing to snow tires for your car is the best choice. The special pattern and unique configuration of snow tires keep the tires elastic and grippy in extreme cold temperatures.

Maintain clear vision

In winter, there are many rainy and snowy days, and visibility is inherently poor, and the heat of the human body in the car often forms mist on the windshield, hindering the driver's sight. Therefore, on the one hand, we must ensure that the dehumidification equipment in the car can operate normally; on the other hand, the lights are more important. It is recommended to turn on the lights as much as possible when driving outdoors in the mountains, and make good use of flashing lights and fog lights.

Avoid speeding

In winter, the road surface is slippery, and the grip performance of tire rubber at low temperature also weakens, and the distance required for emergency braking increases compared with summer. Therefore, when traveling by car, avoid speeding. You must keep a larger distance when following a car, and do not overtake on mountain roads in winter unless absolutely necessary.

Sufficient hot water and food

In the extremely cold environment, if you can drink a cup of hot water, it is definitely the happiest thing. That's why it's important to bring a large thermos with you. Fill up the thermos every morning and you'll have hot water throughout the day. If the water in the thermos is not enough to drink, there are also car electric heating cups, which can heat the water through the inverter current of the cigarette lighter. Low temperature consumes a lot of physical energy, so you should supplement some high-protein and high-calorie foods during the self-driving tour. Chocolate and jerky are the best, which can help you replenish calories in time when you need it.

Carry sunglasses

Although the winter is very cold, the direct sunlight at noon is actually very serious. After the sunlight is reflected by the snow, it will illuminate the human eye for a long time, which will lead to snow blindness. Even if snow blindness does not occur, it will be very uncomfortable to look at the white snow for a long time, which will make driving unsafe, so it is necessary to prepare sunglasses.

Here are two recommended roads that are more suitable for self-driving in winter:

US Route 550

US Route 550 also has some history. In fact, it also has a name called "Million Dollars" Highway. The origin of the name is precisely because almost every mine here has excavated nearly one million dollars of minerals since 1922. The scenery on this road is very beautiful. If you want to feel the atmosphere surrounded by ice and snow, please remember to come in winter. Winter is the most beautiful time here, interspersed among the crystal-like pine trees, showing the style of Picasso's drawings.

Canada Icefield Drive

The Icefield Drive traverses the Rocky Mountains of Alberta and is considered the most beautiful and breath-taking highway in Canada. This road passes through rugged mountain roads, forests, rivers, valleys, especially the green lakes that can be seen during the journey. This is the most dreamy check-in spot. The road along Icefield Avenue is in good condition, especially the southern part, where there are only one or two slightly bumpy roads. Elk, moose or bears are often seen roaming the road in the early morning or evening in winter.