Have you set a New Year’s resolution to be a better cat owner in 2022? Keeping our furry friends happy isn’t always easy. Cats can sometimes drive their owners crazy with their nighttime habits and choosy eating routines. But, with the right approach you can be an awesome fur parent, not just this year but every year. Read on for 5 tips to becoming the best cat owner you can be in 2022!

1. Choose a good veterinarian and cat sitter

One of the first things you’ll have to do is find a great veterinarian for your cat, preferably nearby. Ask your cat-owning friends for their local vet recommendations or check vet directory sites like BringFido. During your cat’s first check-up, be sure to ask if your vet notices anything about your cat’s health that you should be aware of.

2. The best cat owners spend quality time with their cats

The greatest gift you can offer your kitty is to spend time with them. Not only will this strengthen your bond, but it’s sure to snag you that award as best cat owner ever! It’s natural to be busy with work, family, and daily life, but make sure you set aside time every day just for your cat. This can mean petting and cuddling your fur friend, playing with your cat, or including your kitty in your daily routine. A cat’s purr is also known to reduce stress, so spending time with your happy fur friend has benefits for you too!

3. Watch Out for Food Allergies

Cats can develop an allergy to certain foods they were once fine with before. If your cat is throwing up often, has diarrhea, is losing fur, or has skin lesions, consider switching their food.

4. Human Food is Not Kitty Food

There are a lot of foods that are very poisonous/toxic to cats. Onions and garlic are very toxic to cats and can even cause death if eaten in somewhat small quantities. So, keep your kitchen clean and make sure Kitty isn’t eating random things off the floor.

5. Know Your Plants

There are more indoor plants that are toxic to cats than not. Be sure to research plants before buying them and check what plants you already have to make sure a little plant nom from Kitty won’t end up in a vet visit.

6. Clean out their litter box every day

Litter boxes are convenient, but they can get messy if you don’t clean them out. A simple daily spot cleaning will do the trick and many litter formulas make it easy to scoop and flush any waste down the toilet. Your cat will love you for giving him a nice clean place he can relieve himself and you’ll appreciate not having to smell the clutter he leaves behind.

7. Know the ingredients in your cat’s food

Before being enticed to buy the cat food featured in adorable commercials, take a moment to read the ingredients list. Many of these massive consumer branded cat foods include preservatives, like BHT, BHA, and ethoxyquin, and filler ingredients, like meat by-products, meat meal, and cornmeal. Keep an eye out for food approved by the American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) and talk to your veterinarian about what brands of food are best for your cat’s nutritional needs.

The main way to be the best cat owner in the world is to love your cat! Take time to understand his or her quirks and get to know their unique personalities. Love your cat by investing in their happiness. A happy cat means a happy cat parent!