Flowers are beautifully designed by nature to attract people. From ancient time till now (21st century and in further centuries) flowers have been playing their vital role in our life. Indeed, we can say that there is a significant relationship between flowers and human beings. Here are 6 reasons why we all love flowers the most.

1. Because of Beauty

Well, what else we can say about the most beautiful creation on earth of nature! Flowers themselves are beautiful. But the power of the flower is the place where it is kept, makes beautiful too. If you gift flowers to someone, the smile it brings to their face is incomparable. With the color, shape, and fragrance, the flowers bring beauty everywhere- the dining, the garden, the hospital, and the decorative party. Though women like flowers more, but men also prefer this beautiful creation of Mother Nature.

2. Flowers Really Create Genuine Happiness

You know the smile when you’re upset and just try to pretend that everything is fine and normal, right? Or do you remember the “fake” smile when you’re trying to be polite though you don’t like something or when your photo is taken and you’re not happy? They are actually very different from our honest smiles. Scientists refer to our “authentic” smile as a term called “Duchenne smile” and it involves unconscious reflexes which means they happen in a spontaneous way, not intentionally. A Duchenne smile can be discovered by 2 specific facial muscles: the zygomaticus major muscle around the cheeks turns the corners of the mouth up while the orbicularis oculi muscle contracts around the eyes which leads to what people often called “crow’s feet”. Research shows that almost everyone receives a flower with a Duchenne smile. Interestingly, the result is universal for both men and women. The study shows that besides genuine smiles, people who are given flowers have a tendency to become more friendly and active to the givers.

3. Healing Power

Flowers have many powers beyond beauty and emotions. Withholding many meanings and sentiments, they have been known to help cure medical diseases for many centuries now. Some flowers are known to fight against nausea and provide pain relief. This unique skill has lead to the creation of many health medicines. These are the main things that we can’t imagine life without flowers. And there are many places in India where people still usings flowers or herbs to get rid of the illness.

4. Flowers Make You More Attractive

To make everything beautiful and attractive is the psychology of flowers. Everything that has a soul has a consciousness. And the consciousness takes us to something that is attractive. It can look, it can be nature, and it can be smell. As flower denotes beauty, someone who loves flower indeed has a beautiful mind and nature. And so, flowers you carry, you love and you give, makes you attractive, in every possible way.

5. Flowers Reduce Stress And Anxiety

The spread of the pleasant fragrance of flowers in the air can actually lift up our mood. Plus, their colors can make space seem less intense and make you feel more relaxed and calmer. In addition, plants can create fresh oxygen and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in one space. So, if you place a flowering plant in your house or your workspace, it would give you fresh air which results in reducing the stress level and give you a positive feeling.

6. Give Words To Emotions

Sometimes, it seems complicated to find the right words to express your emotions. And in that, flowers help you to speak your heart out. People would give their loved ones beautiful flowers to express their feelings of admiration and love. For years blossoms have been used as a way to send unspoken messages of the heart. This secret language is attractive and leads us to love flowers.