Seaweed is the name given to species of marine plants and algae that grow in oceans, rivers, and lakes. Seaweed is perhaps the most beneficial and abundantly available natural ingredient for skincare on the planet.

Seaweed is a very powerful concentration of seawater and is able to uptake minerals by absorption and active transport from seawater. Because of these processes, some seaweeds have a dense concentration of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, and lipids, which all pose benefits for the skin.

Because there are so many different species of seaweed, it can be useful for all types of skincare and cosmetic products, from cleansers, toners, moisturizers, serums, and masks to cosmetics like powder and lip gloss.


Bladderwrack – also known as Fucus vesiculosus, rockweed, sea oak, red fucus and black tang, is a brown seaweed you can find in the North Sea, Baltic Sea, Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. It has carotene, selenium, zinc, and vitamins A, C and E giving it anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Oarweed – also known as Laminaria digitata and Tangleweed, is a golden-brown seaweed you find in the North Atlantic Ocean. It’s well known for holding large amounts of water which gives it great hydration and elasticity benefits for your skin.

Organic kelp powder – also known as Ascophyllum nodosum, part of the Laminariales order and grows in cold water oceans. These large brown algae are a major source of iodine, calcium, iron, copper, potassium, magnesium, vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D and E. Among its many benefits, kelp powder helps to hydrate the body and restore the natural balance of PH levels.

Carrageenan – also known as Irish Moss, Chondrus Crispus is a red seaweed found in the cold waters of the Atlantic. While carrageenan has no nutritional value; it is used in cosmetics as a safe and natural thickening agent for various products from creams to conditioners. And there's something to be said for ingredients that do zero harm and are safe for all skin types!

This ocean plant is enriched with amino acids, minerals, vitamins, antibacterial, and hydrating properties which leads to providing so many benefits to the skin. Seaweed virtually is enriched with every mineral found in the depth of the ocean. The concentration that it has is nearly identical to the minerals found in the human blood.


Seaweed has anti-inflammatory properties and is the best ingredient for acne-prone skin. Inflammation is the main source of acne, combined with dead cells & excess sebum which can also lead to a skin infection. Seaweed also exfoliates the skin and makes it get rid of the impurities. It has a positive effect on the blemishes caused by acne. Red seaweed is considered best to detoxify and drawing out toxins & impurities and also to regulate the oil level on your face.


Seaweed is a natural agent to fight the signs of aging. Components like selenium and ascorbic acid in the seaweed help in delaying the signs of aging. The amino acid helps in forming the skin tissue and tightening the skin. It promotes skin elasticity and also has healing properties. It has Vitamin C and helps in the collagen production giving you a youthful younger-looking glowing skin.


Seaweed has naturally hydrating properties that are very helpful in treating itchy and dry skin. It helps in retaining the moisture level of the skin as per the NCBI. It also promotes healthy complexion as it is full of proteins, minerals, lipids, and vitamins. There was research that showed that the nutrients of seaweed can penetrate deeply into the skin better than the other skincare ingredients while maintaining the firmness of the skin.