Abyssinian cat, also known as Ethiopian cat, is also known as ballet cat because of its graceful gait. The Abyssinian cat's coat is similar to that of a hare, and the British also call it a rabbit cat or a ball cat.

Abyssinian cats are slender and have a dense, khaki coat. The limbs are slender and muscular. The head is wedge-shaped, and the eyes are large and blonde, green or hazel in color. Light cream streaks on the chin, lips and edges of eyes. With this stripe and many spots on the head, the Abyssinian cat resembles a small cougar.

Around 1860, an Englishman brought a cat from ancient Egypt back to England. After being carefully cultivated and perfected by many cat lovers, it spread quickly. But it wasn't until 1929 that a breed standard for such cats was established, and the Abyssinian Cat Fanciers Club was established. Due to the feline leukemia pandemics of 1960 and 1970, the cat almost disappeared from the UK. Later, it was imported from abroad and carefully cultivated to form today's Abyssinian cat.

A modified Abyssinian cat with a slender body, tall and slender limbs, a long and pointed tail, a slightly pointed head, large and round eyes, with the colors of blonde, green or hazel, large and erect ears with long inner ears hair. The coat is short and beautiful in color, the most common color being tawny with black variegated hairs in between. The coat is fine and dense, the villi layer is more developed and elastic. This cat likes to live alone, is good at climbing trees, has a light body, a gentle temperament, is very human, and is an ideal companion. It is worth mentioning that the appearance of the Abyssinian cat like a small lion makes it cuter, and it is very intelligent, with a small and sweet voice. Whether you live in an apartment or a family building, you can safely keep this cat as pet.

Abyssinian cats have such a nickname - dog cats, as the name suggests, Abyssinian cats have certain personalities like dogs, such as they are smart, friendly, curious, etc. Although Abyssinian cats are independent cats, but they also like to establish a deep relationship with their owners.

Abyssinian cats are independent but affectionate, they like to be immersed in their own world, but it does not mean that they will not develop affection with their owners. Abyssinian cats will choose one of the people who take care of them the best and depend on him for life. However, if they got left out, the Abyssinian could get bored and frustrated.

Abyssinian cats are active and friendly. They don't hide in places as soon as they see strangers. In addition, because they are very curious, they can be hooked easily with just a little tease.

Abyssinian cats love to play, and if they are bored for a long time, they are likely to get depressed like human does. They are also good athletes, they love climbing very much. If you can’t find they at home, they are probably observing you from a high place!