There are many types of pasta, each with its own name and length. Depending on the type, pasta also comes in different shapes. In addition to ordinary straight powder, there are thousands of kinds of screws, butterfly, hollow, shell and so on.

Cuisine composition.

1. Dough.

Edible dough begins by pressing flour dough into a thin paper shape, then covering the food, and cooking it in the oven. From then on, people thought of cutting the dough into small pieces or thin thin noodles, and the Arabs thought of drying the noodles for storage.

Besides plain noodles, other colorful noodles are mixed with vegetables and fruits.

People in southern Italy prefer to eat dry pasta, while fresh pasta is more popular in the north.

2. Sauce.

Authentic raw materials are an important condition for pasta to have a good taste. In addition, the sauce of the pasta is also more important. Spaghetti sauces can basically be divided into red sauces and white sauces. Red sauce is a red sauce made from tomatoes, and white sauce is a white sauce made from flour, milk and cream.

Red sauce, a sauce made mostly from tomatoes, is the most common.

Green sauce is a sauce made with basil, pine nuts, olive oil, etc., and has a particularly strong flavor.

White sauce is a sauce made from unsalted butter and is mainly used in baked noodles, lasagna and seafood pasta.

Share a delicious pasta - pasta with shrimp.

Ingredients: Pasta, shrimp, white mushrooms, tomatoes, tomato sauce, greens, salt, white pepper, olive oil or salad oil.


1. Boil the water first, add the pasta and cook for a few minutes. While the noodles are cooking, cut the tomatoes open and defrost the shrimp a bit in the microwave.

2. After the pasta is cooked, rinse it off with cold water.

3. Remove the oil from the wok, pour in a little olive oil or salad oil, first put the chopped tomatoes into the wok and stir fry, then add the shrimp and shiitake mushrooms.

4. After frying for a while, add the pasta, add a little tomato sauce, then add a little green vegetables, season with salt and white pepper.

Why is Italian pasta loved by people all over the world?

The first reason is because of the industrial production of pasta, which saves manpower, increases production, and improves the industrial chain. There is absolutely no problem in serving people all over the world.

The second reason is that pasta is very popular because of its inclusive nature. Many foods leave the country of origin and are often unpopular. It's hard to blend in with local eating habits, but pasta doesn't have that problem.

Wherever you go, it can be perfectly combined with local products. Just add any of the toppings and you'll have a plate of pasta with a unique taste that will make the protagonist of the pasta so flattering wherever he goes.